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Total bal: 315.70 WGR

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Host masternodes


A new server with dedicated IP address for each node setup. The best performance and minimum fails are guaranteed.

Pay as you

Fees are charged in TRTT on daily basis. No pre-payments or subscriptions required.

Your coins are

Cold wallet masternode setup means that the collateral coins never leave your wallet and the rewards you’ve received there as well.

Fast and easy

Installation process is fully automated and user-friendly. Just a few clicks and 3 minutes to activate a masternode.
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Invest in pre-installed masternodes - Instanodes 🚀

Start with what you own
Start with any amount of coin.
Grow instantly until you get your own full masternode.
We keep it simple
Add more or withdraw at any time.
Monitor and manage your holdings with ease.
Instant rewards
Rewards are instant, paid 4 times a day. No withdrawals locked for days.
ROI is reached very fast and everyone gets their fair share.
Compound interest
Reinvest your rewards automatically.
No additional wallets for staking or shared masternodes for your rewards.
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110+ supported masternodes

with 3100+ masternodes online

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How to start?

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Send collateral to a local wallet address

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Pay easily with BTC or Fiat

Using our payment gateway, you can pay with BTC or most popular fiat currencies - USD, EUR, GBP.

Just take your credit card - it’s fast and secure

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Full node

€ 0.06/day

Dedicated VPS

A new server is deployed only for your masternode. This guarantees best performance of the service.

Keep control of your coins

Cold wallet storage. The masternode collateral coins are safe in your walle

Pay as you Go

Fees are charged in TRTT on daily basis. No pre-payments required.

24/7 support

Your nodes are always up and active. We take care of the maintenance.
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Shared node

€ 0.133/day

No limitations

No pre-defined slots, seats or shares. Put as much coins as you want.

Instant rewards

Rewards will be paid from the first day. We pay 4 times a day.

Compound interest

Automatically reinvest your rewards with «Re-invest feature»

Instant withdrawals

Add more or withdraw at any time. Monitor and manage your holdings with ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Full nodes

Q: What is a Cold node?

Cold wallet masternode setup involves 2 wallets - one installed on your desktop and one remote, usually on VPS.

The former is safely holding the collateral amount and you have full control of your coins. The latter is the one where the masternode is installed and running 24/7.

The VPS wallet doesn't hold or have access to any coins, that's why it's called a cold wallet. This type of masternode setup is considered as the most secure.

Q: How does it work?

trttNodes use fully automated processes to setup dedicated server and then installs and configure masternode of the selected coin.

You are asked to provide a transaction ID that validates your collateral coins ownership. The system then provides you with a configuration string that links your wallet to the server, so you can monitor and manage your masternode from your desktop wallet.

Q: How to setup a Cold node?

First, you need to have available balance of at least 5 EUR value of TRTT in your trttNodes wallet.

This amount will remain available in your wallet and won't be charged at this point. Fees are charged on daily basis.

To setup a new node:

  • - First, press the button "Setup node" located on top of your screen in your trttNodes account.
  • - Provide your new masternode label and collateral transaction ID (press the button "Show instructions" if you need help with collateral transaction).
  • - Wait few minutes for your new server to be deployed. (follow process status on "My nodes" page)
  • - Once the server is ready, press the button "Start node" corresponding with your masternode on My nodes page and follow the instructions for starting it from a local wallet

Find detailed guide here.

Q: Where do I get the rewards?

With a Cold wallet masternode setup all the rewards are received to your desktop wallet.

Q: How long does it take to receive the first reward on my Cold node?

It depends on the number of active masternodes in coin network.

For coins with less active nodes in network, the time interval to first reward is shorter and vice versa.

Q: How do you charge Cold nodes?

Fees are charged in Trittium (TRTT) on daily basis and are deducted from your TRTT wallet.

No long term pre-payments are required. You are paying only for the active service period.

Please, make sure to keep enough available balance in your wallet, otherwise you are risking to get your cold nodes destroyed.

Q: How much does it cost?

Service fee for Cold node hosting is currently € 0.06/day (1.79 EUR per month) charged in TRTT on daily basis.

Note that this is promotional price valid for our BETA stage and until we reach the number of 300 hosted Cold nodes.
Then the price will be subject of change. However, we will make sure to offer the lowest possible and competitive service fee.

Q: What happens if my account runs low on TRTT balance?

When there is not enough TRTT available in your wallet to cover the daily fees, our system starts to send you notification emails.

If your TRTT balance is not available for 72 hours and you miss to pay service fees for 3 days, then your masternode gets destroyed.

Q: Can I recover a destroyed masternode?

Unfortunately we are unable to restart a destroyed nodes.

You can setup a new Cold node by running the setup process again. Note that new collateral transaction is required.

Q: If a masternode is not ENABLED, does it still incur hosting costs?

Yes, we setup a dedicated server for your masternode right after the setup request and start maintaining it for you.

If you abandon a setup or cancel a masternode and you don't destroy the node on trttNodes platform, the server will keep running even if the masternode is not ENABLED, and it WILL incur fees every day.

We can't destroy nodes on your behalf. It is your responsibility to destroy and cancel services for nodes which are not in use.

Q: Can't find what you're looking for?

Join our Discord server and ask our support or community for help.

You can also submit a ticket directly to our support team here.

Q: What is the difference between full and investment?

investment = coins are pooled together and the provider sets up nodes. That usually means there are a few coins (not a nodes worth) that are staked only. The rewards are issued pro-rata to the coin holders. The fee for this service is higher than the fee for setting up your own node but not by a lot. No wallet is required.

node = you put exactly the collateral amount in the equivalent in a wallet and setup a with Tritt node. You are charged a monthly fee... basically you are renting the hardware to run your node. You must have a wallet running somewhere. For the coins and control.